Lot 51

A Milanese gold-inlaid roundel, Italy, circa 1560/70

From castles and palaces - selected art and works of art from antiquity to the 20th century | A87p | Live auction | 245 Lots


Slightly domed, iron roundel with a spike riveted in the centre and a sturdy flange struck inwards. The entire surface covered in hammered, chiselled décor with fine gold inlays featuring a scene of warriors fighting in antique-style dress. A continuous border of chased bosses with geometric gold décor around the edge. The back covered with leather, the rivets with decorative rosettes in embossed brass. Riveted handles of braided rope with remnants of the textile wrapping in red velvet. Diameter 55 cm.
Condition: II -
Condition Report:
The metal surface with a dark age patina on the front. The gold inlays rubbed, with small flaws in places. The rear surfaces uncleaned, with a substantial patina, slightly corroded in places. Scant traces of the original leather lining adhering to the edge, the handles with remnants of the red velvet cover. Questions about the lot?

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