Lot 28

A Flemish carved relief panel showing the lamentation of Christ, late 15th century

From castles and palaces - selected art and works of art from antiquity to the 20th century | A87p | Live auction | 245 Lots


The panel carved in oak in high relief, with original, coloured paintwork. The Virgin Mary in the centre, the body of Christ in her lap. Maria Magdalene to her left, John on her right. A rocky landscape in the background. Mounted on an old pedestal covered in red velvet. Dimensions of the picture panel 48.5 x 47 cm, total height 59 cm.
Condition: II - III
Condition Report:
Noticeable signs of age. The base plate incomplete at the top edge.
Christ's left hand has broken away. The thumb of the right hand and several toes on the right foot have been lost. Maria Magdalene's hands are possibly replacements. Worm damage. The paint heavily rubbed, peeled off in places. Questions about the lot?

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