Lot 27

A South German sculpture of St. Florian, 2nd half of the 15th century

From castles and palaces - selected art and works of art from antiquity to the 20th century | A87p | Live auction | 245 Lots


The softwood figure carved in one piece, the lower arms and attributes attached separately. Original, partially gilt paintwork. A depiction of the standing saint wearing Gothic armour and a red cloak. He holds a lance in his left hand and the handle of a bushel of water in his right, extinguishing the burning castle at his feet. The tip of the lance and bushel have been lost. Hollowed on the back. Height 97 cm.
Condition: II -
Condition Report:
The paintwork rubbed in places, the right foot broken and restored. The water bushel and tip of the lance are missing. Part of the index finger of the left hand has broken away. Questions about the lot?

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