Lot 24

A North European Viking sword with silver inlaid hilt, 10th century

From castles and palaces - selected art and works of art from antiquity to the 20th century | A87p | Live auction | 245 Lots


The broad, double-edged blade with shallow fullers on both sides. The sturdy quillons angled slightly toward the blade, the lozenge-shaped silver inlay still preserved on each of the ends. Slightly tapered tang, the broad pommel made in one piece with remnants of the lavish silver inlays, these struck with lozenge ornaments and concentric circles. Length 93 cm.
Exquisitely decorated sword in beautiful, untouched, as-found condition.
Condition: II - III
Condition Report:
The blade well preserved with a dark patina, approx. 60% of the silver inlays still in place on one side of the pommel, 40% on the other side. Questions about the lot?

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