Lot 12

An antique cameo of the finest quality with idealizing image of Zeus-Jupiter, Classicism, circa 1800 to early 19th century

From castles and palaces - selected art and works of art from antiquity to the 20th century | A87p | Live auction | 245 Lots


Skillfully carved bust of Zeus-Jupiter with a laurel wreath from a two-ply onyx. The bust, which is characterized by the liveliness of the hair and beard and the extremely high level of attention to detail, is all in white, while the background consists of a light, translucent crystal layer with a light beige tint. The extremely high quality does not always make it easy to distinguish such pieces from antique originals. Comparable Zeus portraits are known from coins of Antiochus IV. Epiphanes. The softly carved face, the position of the lips, the treatment of the curls of beard and hair as well as the accentuated eyes with their heavily drilled apples and the extremely thick lids, on the other hand, are reminiscent of features of Antonine imperial portraits from the Roman imperial era or the sentimental-looking images of gods from this era. Technical features allow the piece to be associated with Italian workshops of the early 19th century. It is a masterpiece of stone glyptic from the early 19th century, which eclectically combines features of ancient top-quality products in a perfectionist manner expressing the enthusiasm for the legacy of classical antiquity, which is typical of the time, exploiting the available technical and artistic skills.
The border of the background plate with minimal nicks to the edge, otherwise intact. Dimensions 3.8 x 2.9 cm, max. thickness 1.1 cm.
Provenance: Austrian private collection, acquired by the consignor's grandfather before World War II; thence by descent. Comes with an export licence from the Austrian Bundesdenkmalamt.
Condition: II + Questions about the lot?

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