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An elegant pair of finely worked, early Hellenistic gold bracelets, 4th - 3rd century B.C.

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An exquisitely preserved pair of Greek-Hellenistic gold bracelets such as those worn by ladies of the most distinguished families. Each with a large, round medallion featuring a chased relief, at the centre of which is the head of Medusa, on one facing left at an angle, the other facing right. In accordance with the Hellenistic concept of art, Medusa is not depicted as a frightening figure but is almost graceful. The horse protomes above her head allude to the myth of the birth of Pegasus.
The bracelet itself is made of wide, fluted sheet gold. Large hinges at the join to the medallion. With a golden hinge pin, which is secured with a small safety chain. Highly detailed decoration. Intact. No cracks, no additions. Length 7.6 cm and 7.8 cm. Diameter of the medallions 3.8 cm. Weight 51.9 g and 52.9 g.
Most impressive work, probably made by a courtly goldsmith workshop from the early days of Hellenism.
Provenance: European art market. Previously in private collections in Vienna. With invoices from 1986, 1994, and 2003 and export licences. Acquired 1967 in Vienna from the collection of a Soviet diplomat.
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