Lot 6

A superb Elamite bronze statuette of a dignitary, Near East, 3rd millennium B.C.

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Unusually large bronze statuette of a dignitary in a long robe and round headdress. His left hand resting on a bronze sword that is inserted in his belt and hangs across his abdomen. Full cast bronze, the hem of the robe applied in cast-over technique (two small imperfections). Beautiful patina. Intact. Height 21.5 cm (including pedestal 25.5 cm). Worthy of a museum in terms of size and quality.
Provenance: From a private collection in Geneva, acquired in 1996. Formerly part of the Samad Khamenei collection in Teheran, acquired in June 1970, passed down in the family on his death in 1994. On temporary display (from the 1970s to the 1990s) in the Zurich Galleries (Collection "B") and in the private Swiss museum "Sanctuarium Asiae".
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