Hermann Historica is pleased to ship purchased lots on behalf of absentee bidders.

Importantly, absentee bidders should note that purchases made using our absentee bid form, by either telephone or in writing, that shipping instructions must be indicated by ticking the box on the bid form. In the absence of this instruction we will automatically assume that the buyer will require Hermann Historica to ship on his / her behalf. The standard shipping charge will cover the costs of packing and postage, together with insurance against loss or damage in transit only. These charges will be recorded on the buyer`s invoice (the insurance premium calculated at 1% of the aggregate purchase figure)

If shipping costs are not recorded on the buyer´s invoice it means either that the buyer intends to collect purchases in person or that standard shipping is not possible. In the latter case this may be for reasons of the abnormal size, weight or fragility of the purchased property, it may also result from the specific application of legal requirements.

In this instance we shall obtain a freight quotation on behalf of the buyer. Upon subsequent receipt of confirmed instructions Hermann Historica shall be pleased to proceed with shipping.




Due to changed regulations it is unfortunately no longer possible to send any kind of firearms from Germany to foreign destinations by regular mail service. We will, if possible, organise international shipping through forwarding agents or specialised courier services, however, with the consequence of noticeably higher shipping costs.


Information importante pour les expéditions

En application de la nouvelle loi, nous sommes au regret de vous informer qu’il ne sera plus possible d’envoyer des armes à feu (incluyant les armes antiques) par la poste vers l’étranger. Toutefois, nous essayons d’organiser ces envois par entreprises de transport ou services courrier spécialisés, mais conséquemment les frais d’envoi seront sensiblement plus élevés.



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