Information: Live Auction

There are now three ways to bid live at our auctions. You can choose among these different providers, the Hermann Historica Live Auction on our own website, Lot-tissimo and Invaluable Auctions.

Hermann Historica (Buyer's Premium + 0% service charge)

Lot-tissimo             (Buyer's Premium + 3% lot-tissimo service charge)

Invaluable              (Buyer's Premium + 3% invaluable service charge)



Hermann Historica live auction on our website

Taking part in a live auction. Four simple steps are necessary to bid in a live auction:

Registration and Login

Registration and Login

The first step is to log in on our website. If you don't have a user account yet, please register.


Fill in profile

Fill in profile

We need certain basic information, i.e. your address, in order to invoice objects you bought at an auction.

Before bidding at a live auction, this information has to be provided. Otherwise the auctioneer won't be able to admit you to an auction. You can edit your profile data any time.


Accept Terms and Conditions

Accepts Terms & Conditions

Our auction house has Terms & Conditions, which every bidder has to accept before taking part in an auction. They have to be consented to online in order to be activated for a live auction.


Request activation

Request activation for a live auction

Please ask for the activation of your account in due time for the auction.

In case the activation is requested shortly before the auction, it might be possible that the auctioneer won't be able to process your request in time!

Live-Aucion Help


You can bid in the live auction, as soon as you get an email stating that we have activated your account.




Hermann Historica co-operates with Lot-tisimo / ATG. These partners handle our customer's online live bids via the internet. Find a comprehensive description of the registration procedure on the Lot-tissimo homepage. You can bid via a PC or a Macintosh/Apple computer.

Important! If you do plan to bid online, you have to register with Lot-tissimo and with Hermann Historica. If you want to follow the auction without bidding via the Lot-tissimo site, you have to register only with Lot-tissimo.

Take care not to forget the user name / password, which you receive when registering with Lot-tissimo. If you forget the password, use the "Password Lost?" function on the Lot-tissimo homepage.

Please, be aware that the registration procedure for live bids requires a clearance by the provider as well as Hermann Historica and therefore takes 24 hours (before the start of the auction) to be completed. Furthermore, there is a default overall bidding limit of 20.000€. Please contact Hermann Historica, if you want to spend more via internet online bidding.

Alleged „Safe Bids“ are a service of the online bidding platform lot-tissimo exclusively and are in no way part of the services of Hermann Historica. We do not receive any previous information on those bids. Consequently, we can not take any responsibility concerning "safe bids" or answer any questions in regard to issues that might occur. Instead, please contact lot-tissimo directly. Alternatively, we recommend to place absentee bids directly with Hermann Historica (via fax an +49 89 54 72 64 999 or via scan to


How to register for the Live Auction

There are two steps to complete the registration:

Step 1: Register with Lot-tissimo (only applies if have not registered with Lot-tissimo before)
On the Lot-tissimo Homepage choose the menu "myLotti", then click on "Register". Follow the registration procedure to complete the Lot-tissimo registration.


Step 2: Register for the auction (bidders only)
On the Lot-tissimo Homepage select the menu "Live" and then "Live sign up" for the desired auction. Enter your information and wait for our confirmation via e-mail (due to the interest in the online auction, this reply might take some time - at least 24 hours).


Invaluable Auctions

Find Invaluable Auctions' guided registration procedure here
If you do not have a valid Invaluable registration already ("New User"), you have to create an account first. Complete this account registration to directly enter our catalogues.
Be aware that your status as a bidder is "pending" at first, which means that you can not place bids before Hermann Historica has approved you as a bidder, which as a rule of thumb takes at least 24 hours. However, there are no further steps that you have to take.

Furthermore, there is a default overall bidding limit of 20.000€. Please contact Hermann Historica (, if you want to spend more via internet online bidding.

If you forget the password, use the "Forgotten Password?" function on the Invaluable Log-in page.

You can bid via a PC or a Macintosh/Apple computer.

Invaluable also provide an excellent informational tour on how to bid