Hermann Historica Website Help

Dear customer! This website features a new registration policy. You may browse most areas of this site without registration. However, there are five actions which require a completed registration (including contact data, such as address, etc.).

  • To leave an absentee bid
  • To buy an item in the post-auction sale
  • To view restricted catalogues from the 1933-45 period (highlighted by a padlock icon)
  • To participate in live online auctions
  • To buy an item in our catalogue shop

Once you are registered, you can log-in on our homepage with your access data.

Please note that auctions take place twice a year (in spring and autumn). Online bidding applications will be processed a few weeks ahead of the next auction, so do not worry if your application is not answered immediately. Moreover, be aware that there is a 20.000 € bidding limit. Per default, you can spend this maximum amount over several sessions in an auction block. If you plan to spend more, please contact us for limit clearance.



Anmelden auf der Internetseite oder registrieren

Login / Registration

First of all you need to login. If you do not have a user account, you need to register with Hermann Historica first.

F├╝llen Sie ihr Profil aus

Complete profile

If you wish to buy items in our auctions or leave absentee bids, you need to complete the mandatory fields in your profile, e.g. your address and phone number. Without this information we cannot contact you after a winning bid, therefore you need to provide it before we can approve your account for online-bidding. You can adjust your profile information anytime, in case changes occur.

Versteigerungsbedingungen akzeptieren

Accept Terms and Conditions

Our auction house has certain terms and conditions that every bidder needs to consent to before taking part in an auction. You automatically accept our terms and conditions when you register with us on our website.


Place online bids

Now you can place absentee bids on your bid form or via our online catalogue. The button for placing bids can be found in each lot detail in our catalogues. Placing more than one bid can comfortably be done by using the bid form at "My Account" > "Bid Form".

You can review all the bids you have placed at "My Account " > "Bid List"




Click on register

Click on "Register" in the top right corner of our site.

Fill in the registration form

Then complete the registration form.

Here you need to enter a valid e-mail address and set a password that is between 6 and 40 characters long.

If you wish, you can subscribe to our newsletter by checking the corresponding box.

Please note, that by finalising the registration with a click on the "Register" - button you are accepting our General Terms and Conditions of Business, our Privacy Policy and our terms concerning Cookies and internet advertising.

registration completed

Success message

After successfully entering your credentials, you will receive an email to the specified address.

In case you don´'t find this email in your inbox, please check your spam folder, as, depending on your spam guard settings, it might well have ended there.

click activation link


When you receive the email, please click the activation link.

This will activate your account at Hermann Historica.


Complete profile information


Complete Profile

Next please click on "Profile" and login with your credentials, to reach the form with your profile information.

Should you wish to complete your profile later, just click "login" in the top right corner of the site instead. After successfully logging in, you will see your email-address next to the "logout" - link in the top right corner.

To complete or change profile information at any time, click on "My account" ⇒ "Profile".

Complete Profile

Here you see the form which you need to complete to take part in our auctions.

Of particular importance are your complete postal address and phone number, as well as a valid tax ID number if you are a commercial customer.

Any errors in fields you have completed will be indicated in red next to the respective field.

After you have completed the form, please click the "save" button. You will see a notification message informing you that your data has been saved successfully.

Check permissions

Bidding online

After completing your profile, you will be able to place preliminary bids. 

In case you want to find out if you are entitled to participate in a live auction, please check by clicking "Show my permissions" on the bottom of the "My Profile" page.


my permissions

Green means that all conditions have been met. If red is on display certain requirements for bidding have not yet been met.

Please click the button and follow the instructions, e.g. accept Terms & Conditions.


Submit bid form

Collect pre-bids

Collect various pre-bids in one bid form

It is possible to collect various pre-bids in one bid form and to place those pre-bids collectively once you're finished. This way you can always keep track of the objects and the total bid amount.

Go to an object's detail page by navigating the online catalogue of the auction.

Please enter your maximum bid in the section "place bid:".

Afterwards please click the button "Put bid on bid form".


Bid added to bid form
Bid has been added to the bid form

Your bid has now been added to your "Bid form" under "My account". You can now add further objects you want to place bids on to this list.


Check bid form and submit

Check bid form and submit

Please check the list of pre-bids thoroughly. If necessary, you can easily change the bid by clicking the pencil button or the amount in the input box. 

You can also submit individual pre-bids in advance by clicking the check button. It is recommended, however, to submit all bids on the bid form collectively by clicking the button "Submit bids" at the end of the page.


confirm bid form

Please check the list of your bids and submit it, which means that you are placing legally binding bids.

Bid plan successfully sent

You will now receive the information that your bids have been successfully submitted.

We will now check your bids. As long as this process has not been finalized, the bids will be marked yellow in your bid list. Accepted bids are marked green, rejected bids are marked red.


Submit bids directly

Place your bid

Submit bids

To place bids in an auction go to the online catalogue of the auction and click the object you want to bid on. You will get to the object's detail by clicking the image or the title.

Please enter your maximum bid and click the "Bid" button.

Confirm bid

Confirm bid

You will now see details concerning your bid which you have to confirm. By confirming them you are accepting the Terms & Conditions and you are submitting a legally binding bid.

You can have a look at the Terms & Conditions by following the displayed link.

Bid sent successfully

Bid has been submitted
The system will now display the confirmation of the submission of your bid.


Bid list

We will now check your bid. As long as this process has not been finalized, the bid will be marked yellow in your bid list. Accepted bids are marked green, rejected bids are marked red.


Request access to restricted area

Protected Area

Restricted areas

Access to some of our catalogues is restricted due to the objects contained therein, originating from recent German history, namely the Nazi period. Showing such items, in particular insignia of parties and organizations named as anticonstitutional or criminal, is illegal as stipulated in §§ 86/86a of the German penal code. By requesting access to the restricted area, you committ to strictly obey the legal requirements.

By clicking the online catalogue you will get to the registration page.

Request authoisation

Request clearance

In case you already completed your profile you can request clearance for the restricted areas right away.

Login first

Authorisation requested


If you have a user name and password from our previous website, enter them at the bottom of the screen in the "user name" and "password" boxes. Then click on the button "check authorisation". You should immediately be granted access.

If you do not have a user name and password form our previous website, click on "request authorisation". Your data will then be processed and the clearance will be made as soon as possible.


Mail - access to protected aria granted

Once your application is accepted, you will receive confirmation via email.