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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The catalogue that you wish to access has been produced exclusively for the clients of Hermann Historica and interested appropriate public collections and museums.

This catalogue can only be accessed in compliance with paragraphs 86 and 86a of the German penal code. In order to meet those legal requirements you need to request access to the protected area by following the instructions at the bottom of the website. Hermann Historica is a reputable, internationally renowned auction house for historical objects of all ages and countries and we are perfectly aware of our responsibility for objects of contemporary German history and have always been committed to the utmost care and caution in acting as an intermediary for them.

Hermann Historica offers objects of contemporary German history only under strict conditions to museums, archives and serious collectors. We regard their work as indispensable and important to research and document this dark time, to provide understanding and insight into the course of action, to hopefully prevent any such events from ever occurring again. We pride ourselves in having equipped some of the most reputable and significant museums and collections all over the world, in having provided oustanding publications with documents and fotographic material. We don't believe in prohibition of these items, as this would inevitable push business into the underground with all its undesirable consequences. Please feel free to send us an email if you would like to share your comments in this regard!

We count on your understanding!
Hermann Historica, Munich.

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