Los 5551

Shin-gunto M 1898 für Heeresoffiziere

Orden und Militaria ab 1919 | A92r | Präsenzauktion | 693 Lose

Zuschlag € 565

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Nagasa blade (tip to notch) 26 1/8”, overall 38 1/2”, signed "Kanenori", dated "Showa 18 1943". It is machine made and has an etched temper line. There are nicks, stains, rust with light pitting and a noticeable bend. The handle has a field grade blue and brown rank tassel. The ito (cloth wrap or lacing) is broken near the fuchi, it has plastic same and plain wire sarute. There are four unmarked seppa (spacers). The scabbard is steel and retains most of the original brown paint. There are scratches, scrapes and loss of paint from use. The ashi (hanger) may have been replaced. The blade does not easily go all the way into the scabbard (it leaves a ¼” gap).

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Zustand: III + Fragen zum Los?

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Die Auktion startet am Freitag, den 20. Mai 2022 um 10:00 Uhr (Los-Nr. 5001 - 5696). Die Vorbesichtigung findet vom 9. - 14.05.2022 in unseren Auktionsräumen am Bretonischen Ring 3 in 85630 Grasbrunn / München von jeweils 11 bis 17 Uhr (MEZ) statt.