Auction 74m

Orders and International Historical Collectibles (incl. Germany up to 1918)


Auction on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 from 10:00  | Place absentee bids

Active | Standard auction

Please find the catalogues of previous auctions in our auction archive.

As a rule of thumb, we auction between 50 and 150 lots per hour, depending on the actual interest in the objects.

 Auction Dates

May 3rd, 2017, from 10am - Lots 4001 - 4723
May 4th, 2017, from 10am - Lots 4801 - 5494

 Pre-sale viewing

April 20th - April 23rd, May 2nd, 2-6 pm

 Auction location

The auction will take place at the auction house.