Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether a lot is sold?

A lot is still available only if you see the button “Bid now” on the right of the starting price in the internet. If you are not sure, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or e-mail. You can also send us a signed order bid.

What does the hammer symbol next to the price mean?

The hammer means the hammer price realised in the auction, i.e. the lot is not available any more.

What do the condition ciphers mean?

I = excellent to mint
II = good, with minor flaws
III = fair
IV = poor

What does limit mean?

Unlike other auction houses, we do not distinguish between pre-sale estimate and limit price (reserve). We only use the limit price, which is at the same time the starting price – i.e. an object must be purchased by auction for at least that price (plus 23 % buyer’s premium) or bought in the post-auction sale for that price (plus 23 % buyer’s premium).

How can I buy a lot in the post-auction sale?

If you see in the internet or in our printed results lists that a lot was not sold during the auction, you can purchase it for the limit price respectively the starting price plus buyer’s premium.
Please be guided by the information provided in the internet as we do our best to keep the results up to date, then send us a fax or a scanned order bid including your client number (if existent), your address and signature. You can also acquire objects by telephone in the post-auction sale on the condition that you send us a written confirmation (i.e. an order bid) immediately afterwards.

Where do I find the order bid form?

You will find the order bid form (absentee bid form) on our homepage at “Current auction” or at “Info”, then proceeding to “Forms”. Please make absolutely sure that the order bid bears your signature, which is why we ask you to print it and send it by fax or mail, or scan it and send it by e-mail. Should none of these options be viable to you, please do not hesitate to telephone us, and we will send you the order bid by fax or mail. Please remember to mark your preferred method of shipment.

How can I bid?

Please proceed in the main menu to “Info” and then to “Bidding/ enchérir”. Please also see our general terms and conditions of sale.

If I send a written order bid, will my maximum bid automatically be the hammer price?


How can I buy lots?

At Hermann Historica you can purchase lots during the auction or by post-auction sale. Also see question no. 5

Which prices do the lots have in the post-auction sale?

In the post-auction sale you can acquire an auction lot for the limit price/ starting price plus buyer’s premium.

How and when am I informed whether my written bid was successful?

We update our website after every auction day, i.e. you can see for which hammer price a lot was sold. If that price is higher than your own bid, another bidder won the lot. If the price is within your frame of bidding, you could be the winner.
In order to know this for certain, please either wait for the invoice to be sent or telephone us directly.

What do I have to do if I won one or more lots by absentee bidding (via internet, telephone or written order bid)?

Please wait for the invoice to arrive.

How much is the buyer’s premium?

The buyer’s premium is 23 % of the hammer price. This includes the value added tax (VAT).

Will there be value added tax (VAT) added to the hammer price?


I would like to collect the lots I purchased myself. How do I do that?

Please mark on your offer bid that you choose to collect the items in person. Telephone us or send us an e-mail with appointment suggestions. As soon as an appointment is made, we will locate the objects in our storerooms and make them available. Please do not arrive unannounced as in that case you may have to face a long delay.

Which costs make up the shipping charges?

The shipping charges are composed of: packaging, working time, parcel charge, insurance (1 % of the invoice amount) and, where required, processing fees for firearms, cultural goods etc.

From which auctions can I still buy something?

You can only purchase objects from the previous auction as well as the current auction (if it is concluded by then). If the lot is still available, you will see the button “Bid now” next to the lot on our website.

How can I offer something for auction?

If you would like to have an item auctioned but are not able to come in person, or if the objects in question are very numerous, please send us informative photographs of the items. We would also be delighted to receive additional information on exact dimensions, condition and origin. In case you can come by in person, please be kind enough to make an appointment as our respective specialists are not always here.

Do you also purchase objects?

We usually take objects which we assume will be sold on commission on behalf of the consigner. On rare occasions we will also purchase objects/ antiquities directly.

What exactly are the conditions for a consignment?

We offer a commission based solely on success, i.e. you will be charged fees only if an object has been won by auction or purchased in the post-auction sale. Therefore we only accept items which we take it will be sold by auction. In the case of an object being sold either by auction or post-auction sale we charge a commission, which is 20% of the hammer price. This commission includes all processing fees (photographer, translation etc.)

Can I get detailed images of the lots that I am interested in?

If you view a lot on our website , you will find a loupe function to see detailed views of the lot: Just hover with your mouse pointer over the photograph and there will appear a high resolution detail on the right side. Then just move your mouse to focus the detail you want to see.
To get the complete image in high resolution, click on the picture with your mousewheel, and there will open a new tab in your browser. Or do a right mouseclick, and there will open a context menue.
Or pull a linkage to your desktop and doubleclick this icon, so the image will show up in your browser.
All these features depend on the settings of your computer, and they work with Firefox browser, not with Internet Explorer.




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