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Wednesday, 6 November 2013 - 10 am

Überlingen Arsenal

Lot Nr. 1795
A cased pair of flintlock pistols, John Manton & Sons, London after 1814

Under the barrel with matching numbers, the barrel bedding and the edges of the lock plates numbered "6386". Smooth, blued octagonal barrels made ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 18000 EURO Zuschlag 29000 EURO

Lot Nr. 1886
A German Borchardt C 93, Loewe-manufactured, in its case, circa 1894

Cal. 7.65 mm Borchardt, no. 302. Matching numbers. Bright bore, length 190 mm. Eight shots. Proof-marked crown/BUG. Screwed on rear sight leaf. P ... >>more

Condition: I

Limit: 20000 EURO Zuschlag 27000 EURO

Lot Nr. 1744
A German(?) breech-loading drop-barrel flintlock shotgun with four service cartridges, 18th century

Two-stage hinged drop barrel in 15 mm calibre, octagonal then round and smooth after a girdle, with mounted brass front sight. Laterally swivelli ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 7500 EURO Zuschlag 21000 EURO

Lot Nr. 1927
A South German burgonet with pivoted bevor, probably from Augsburg, circa 1550/60

The skull of the Hungarian type forged in one piece, the four ridges terminating in one narrow point. Movable peak with a turned and roped edge, ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 9500 EURO Zuschlag 20500 EURO

Lot Nr. 1775
A South German/Austrian Girandoni system air rifle in its case, circa 1800

Octagonal barrel with rifled bore in 11.5 mm calibre, somewhat rough with good rifling, dovetailed brass front sight and elaborately cut rear lea ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 12000 EURO Zuschlag 14000 EURO

Lot Nr. 1762
A gold- and silver inlaid splendid rifle, F. Morgenroth of Gernrode/Anhalt, dated 1844

First octagonal, then sixteen-fold facetted, partially rounded barrel and patent breechblock with two-groove rifled oval bore in 14 mm calibre. D ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 10900 EURO Zuschlag 13000 EURO

Lot Nr. 1743
A pair of flintlock rifles, Johann Ulrich Nieberle of Krems, beginning 18th century
Octagonal barrels, rifled bright bores in 13.5 mm calibre, on ribs dovetailed front sights and engraved rear sights made of gilded brass. Rich sil ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 12000 EURO Zuschlag 12000 EURO

Lot Nr. 1812
A cased pair of percussion pistols, Johann Springer in Vienna, circa 1850

Octagonal barrels with fluted middle section and original burnishing. Rifled bores in 9 mm calibre. Dovetailed, blued front sights, adjustable re ... >>more

Condition: I-II

Limit: 9500 EURO Zuschlag 12000 EURO

Lot Nr. 1911
A Kerr army model with side hammer ("Kerr Sidehammer"), in its case, Great Britain, circa 1858

Cal..380 Perc., no. 103. Matching numbers. Mirror-like five-groove rifled bore, octagonal barrel, length 5.5". Five shots. Bullet starter underne ... >>more

Condition: I

Limit: 3000 EURO Zuschlag 11500 EURO

Lot Nr. 1746
A German flintlock rifle/shotgun combination, circa 1730

Newly blued, over-and-under round barrels with an eight-groove rifled bore and a smooth bore in 13 mm calibre with silver front sight on the uppe ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 9000 EURO Zuschlag 11000 EURO