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Monday, 4 November 2013 - 10 am
Tuesday, 5 November 2013 - 10 am

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms
(with and without purchase license requirement)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Lot Nr. 40
A significant luxury wheellock pistol, Nuremberg, circa 1590/1600

Slender round barrel with smooth bore in 10.5 mm calibre. The root of the barrel with chiselled ornamental ribs, some parts of the top with etche ... >>more

Condition: II+

Limit: 35000 EURO Zuschlag 41000 EURO

Lot Nr. 39
A bone-inlaid, gilt wheellock puffer, Augsburg, circa 1580/90

Two-stage barrel, octagonal breech section, then round after cut girdles, with smooth bore in 13 mm calibre. Over the muzzle and chamber florally ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 14000 EURO Zuschlag 17000 EURO

Lot Nr. 137
A cased pair of flintlock pistols, Prochaska, Chrudim/Bohemia, dated 1824

Slightly swamped and blued octagonal barrels with patent breechblocks and microgroove rifling in 13 mm calibre. Dovetailed front sights and twice ... >>more

Condition: II+

Limit: 9800 EURO Zuschlag 13500 EURO

Lot Nr. 27
A deluxe bone-inlaid wheellock rifle by Wenzel Kutschera, Bautzen, dated 1663

Slightly swamped octagonal barrel with six-groove rifled bore in 16 mm calibre with dovetailed iron front sight and chiselled folding rear sight. ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 8500 EURO Zuschlag 11500 EURO

Lot Nr. 796
A drop barrel target pistol in its case, Anton Vinzent Lebeda, Prague, circa 1880

Octagonal rose Damascus barrel with eight-groove rifled bore in 9 mm calibre with dovetailed front sight and adjustable rear sight. On barrel top ... >>more

Condition: II+

Limit: 6500 EURO Zuschlag 11500 EURO

Lot Nr. 22
A North Italian bone-inlaid wheellock wall rifle, circa 1600

A heavy, octagonal to round barrel with cannon muzzle, smooth bore in 20.5 mm calibre. Both ends of the barrel with engraved acanthus ornaments. ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 6000 EURO Zuschlag 11000 EURO

Lot Nr. 41
A German triple-barrelled turn-over flintlock gun, beginning of the 18th century

A barrel group of three smooth-bore, round barrels in 13.8 mm calibre, each at the breech with slightly different cuttings, cannon muzzles. Spars ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 6500 EURO Zuschlag 11000 EURO

Lot Nr. 457
Hahn-Doppelbüchse mit Wechsellauf Doppelflinte "B. Pohl in Wien", ca. 1885

Kal. 12 und 24 (mit Kugel), ohne Nummer. Blanke Damastläufe, Länge 73,1 cm. Standvisier mit zwei Klappkimmen. In der Laufschiene in Gold eingeleg ... >>more

Condition: I-

Limit: 9500 EURO Zuschlag 9500 EURO

Lot Nr. 547
A Repeating Pistol Bittner Mod. 1893

Cal. 7.7 Bittner, no. 2657.98 (Austrian proof mark of 1898). Inside on upper trigger guard extension no. 10. Octagonal barrel with bright bore, l ... >>more

Condition: I-

Limit: 9000 EURO Zuschlag 9000 EURO

Lot Nr. 741
Werle Prototyp Luger-Karabiner, Kal. 7,63 mm Mauser

Nr. 32912. Deutscher Beschuss 2012. Spiegelblanker, stufiger Lauf, Länge 380 mm. Schiebevisier skaliert 3 - 20. Vollständige, tiefschwarze Brünie ... >>more

Condition: I

Limit: 4900 EURO Zuschlag 8500 EURO

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Lot Nr. 914
A Walther PP, ZM, honorary weapon of Oberst (Colonel) Walter Oesau, luxury model, factory-engraved, gilded, in its case

7.65 mm calibre, no. 162768P. Bright bore. Manufactured 05/1940. Proof mark crown/N. Zella-Mehlis firm's name. Signal pin. Oak leaf factory engra ... >>more

Condition: I-II

Limit: 6000 EURO Zuschlag 32000 EURO

Lot Nr. 1405
An antitank grenade rifle 39 with modification kit Panzerbüchse

Cal. 7.9 mm propelling cartridge 318 (cartouche), no. 8641. Main parts with matching numbers. Barrel length 590 mm, total length 123.5 cm. Single ... >>more

Condition: I-

Limit: 6000 EURO Zuschlag 15000 EURO

Lot Nr. 1455
Rheinmetall MG 3 (MG 42), Werks-Schnittmodell

Kal. 7,62 x 51. Maschinengewehr der Bundeswehr und ausländischer Streitkräfte. Komplett mit Fliegervisier, Zweibein und Platzpatronengerät. Alle ... >>more

Condition: I

Limit: 3500 EURO Zuschlag 8500 EURO

Lot Nr. 1403
An original MG 34 on field carriage, de-activated weapon

Cal. 8 x 57, no matching numbers. A 1938 BSW production. Bipod. Original finish with signs of usage. Good to very good overall condition. All par ... >>more

Condition: II+

Limit: 2000 EURO Zuschlag 5800 EURO

Lot Nr. 1404
An original MG 42 on field carriage, de-activated weapon

Cal. 8 x 57, externally with matching numbers. Produced in 1943, coded "cra", various acceptance marks eagle/WaA747 and acceptance marks of suppl ... >>more

Condition: I-II/II

Limit: 2400 EURO Zuschlag 5800 EURO

Lot Nr. 1250
A Colt M 1873 Single Action Army

Cal. .45 Colt, no. 93028. Matching numbers. Manufactured in 1883. 7 1/2" barrel, bore somewhat rough, on barrel top standard company name and add ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 3500 EURO Zuschlag 5600 EURO

Lot Nr. 924
A Walther PPK, ZM, million series, luxury model, factory-engraved, remnants of gilding, in casket

7.65 mm calibre, no. 1002904. Bright bore. Manufactured in 1938. Proof-marked crown/N. Zella-Mehlis firm's name. Signal pin. On all parts ornamen ... >>more

Condition: I-

Limit: 3500 EURO Zuschlag 5500 EURO

Lot Nr. 1399
Originales Sturmgewehr 44 (MP 44)

Kal. 8 x 33, Nr. 8973. Nummerngleich, am Verschluss mit Elektroschreiber. Spiegelblanker Lauf. Das Verschlussgehäuse gemarkt "MP 44". Fertigungsc ... >>more

Condition: I-II

Limit: 3000 EURO Zuschlag 4800 EURO

Lot Nr. 999
A SIG P 210, in the style of a canton coat of arms pistol, unique weapon without cantonal designation, in its casket

Cal. 9 mm Parabellum, no. 192. Matching numbers. Bright bore. Production year 1998. Finished in royal blue highly polished metal coating. Gold-in ... >>more

Condition: I

Limit: 2200 EURO Zuschlag 4600 EURO

Lot Nr. 998
A SIG JP 210 commemorative pistol "700 Jahre Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft", in its casket

Cal. 9 mm Parabellum, no. 0029. Matching numbers. Bright bore. Produced in 1991. Finished in highly polished, royal blue metal coating. Gold-inla ... >>more

Condition: I

Limit: 2000 EURO Zuschlag 4200 EURO