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Wednesday, 6 November 2013 - 10 am
Thursday, 7 November 2013 - 10 am
Friday, 8 November 2013 - 10 am

Antiquities, Arms and Armour, Hunting Antiques, Works of Art

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lot Nr. 2039
A late Scythian/early Sarmatian steppe-nomadic silver bowl with a hunting scene, late 4th - 3rd century BC

Bowl worked in two pieces with toreutic work on the inner and outer surfaces. The base curves slightly outwards, with a striking break up to the ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 20000 EURO Zuschlag 34000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2038
A Greek Chalcidian helmet, type V, early 4th century BC

Bronze helmet with full-faced tin-plating. Fully preserved, late version of this helmet type with movable cheek pieces (type V by Pflug). Skull w ... >>more

Condition: II-III

Limit: 15000 EURO Zuschlag 22000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2234
A Middle Byzantine, silver encolpion with necklace, 10th - 11th century

Two-piece reliquary cross, hinged at bottom and with movable suspension at top. Biconical pearl with filigree decoration at either side and on th ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 10000 EURO Zuschlag 16000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2062
The torso of an Amazon warrior, a fine copy from the 19th century patterned after Early Hellenistic models

Half-length image of an Amazon, designed as a torso, with parts of the background visible between head and shoulders and giving the impression of ... >>more

Condition: II-III

Limit: 8000 EURO Zuschlag 15000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2074
A monumental sandal-clad foot - a fine copy from the 19th century patterned after Roman models

Double life-size foot, designed as a fragment of a gigantic emperor's or general's statue. Impressively formed with perfectly crafted anatomical ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 2500 EURO Zuschlag 13500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2037
An Illyrian helmet of middle form (type II), late 7th - mid 6th century BC

Bronze helmet with straight facial cut-out, the integral cheek-pieces extending straight downwards, rising to the back in an elegant curve and te ... >>more

Condition: II-III

Limit: 8000 EURO Zuschlag 12000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2251
A Middle Byzantine steatite icon with the Virgin Mary, 11th - 12th century

Maria Theotokos (God-bearer) represented in the style of Hodegetria. Seated on a throne in a ciborium with the Infant Jesus on her left thigh, Ma ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 7500 EURO Zuschlag 10500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2075
A male torso - Roman copy from the 1st - 2nd century patterned after a Late Classical Greek model from the 4th century BC

White, finely crystalline marble, the surface slightly discoloured to a brownish tint. Naked youth with athletic physique, the right non-supporti ... >>more

Condition: II-III

Limit: 10000 EURO Zuschlag 10000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2111
A Roman silver ring with erotic intaglio, 3rd century

Solid ring with wide face and robust shoulders sloping downward at a sharp angle. The cross-section of the hoop almost triangular, on the undersi ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 7500 EURO Zuschlag 8000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2072
A Roman private portrait from the age of Septimius Severus - a fine marble copy from the 19th century patterned after an ancient model

A male head with a closely-cropped beard of wavy locks terminating at bottom in two points. Head worked like a component for a bust, but evenly g ... >>more

Condition: III

Limit: 3500 EURO Zuschlag 7500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2354
An Alemannic gold ring with religious symbols, 2nd half of 7th century

Solid, circa 3 mm wide shank, forked, hammered down and soldered together under the seal face. Each shoulder set with three gold globules. Seal f ... >>more

Condition: I-

Limit: 7500 EURO Zuschlag 7500 EURO

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lot Nr. 2421
A Central African rhinoceros horn, early 20th century

Sturdy, evenly grown horn of a square-lipped rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum). Partly polished, in the lower third rough surface in its natural s ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 32000 EURO Zuschlag 50000 EURO

Lot Nr. 3089
A magnificent South Indian chiselled bichawa, Tanjore, 17th century

Curved blade of distinct diamond section, fullered on both sides, with a chiselled, sculpted dragon in openwork at the root. The knuckle guard te ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 10000 EURO Zuschlag 25000 EURO

Lot Nr. 3207
A carved Chinese ivory tusk, 19th century

Made from one long, stately tusk, depicting a landscape comprised of buildings, fences, temples and pagodas within a dense forest, populated by o ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 12000 EURO Zuschlag 21000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2420
A pair of African tusks, 20th century

Tusks of an African elephant (Loxodonta africana), the surfaces slightly patinated and the tips with the typical cracks and signs of use, one tip ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 4500 EURO Zuschlag 16000 EURO

Lot Nr. 3130
A Mogul Indian rhinoceros horn bowl, Akbar period, circa 1600

Drop-shaped bowl fashioned in a single piece with base and a continuous zigzag decor in relief work on the upper edge. A few exterior surface ble ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 12000 EURO Zuschlag 16000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2423
A Greenlandic narwhal tooth, 20th century

Splendid tusk with beautifully grown, helically twisted structure. Distinct tip, light-coloured, even surface. Length 236 cm. Only the tusks of o ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 5000 EURO Zuschlag 13500 EURO

Lot Nr. 3183
A large Chinese lion head door knocker, 17th/18th century

Bronze with dark age patina. Large knocker for an important temple or palace gate in the form of a lion head in high relief. In the mouth a movab ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 2000 EURO Zuschlag 13500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2544
Three English(?) rhinoceros horn cups, 19th century

Thin-walled cups made of finely turned rhinoceros horn, each with a lavish bowl and contoured base. One cup with a prominent rim. Holes have been ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 3500 EURO Zuschlag 13000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2458
A South German/Italian wrought iron Gothic cage, circa 1500

Heavy frame construction, the cornices with perforate iron tendril ornamentation (two are undecorated), three sides metal-grilled, the reverse, b ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 8000 EURO Zuschlag 12000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2419
A pair of Zimbabwean tusks, 20th century

Tusks of an African elephant (Loxodonta africana), the surfaces slightly patinated and with the typical cracks at the tips. Furnished with mounti ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 4800 EURO Zuschlag 11500 EURO

Friday, 8 November 2013

Lot Nr. 3487
A group of Maximilian armour parts, Nuremberg, circa 1510/20

The collar opening on a hinge with three sliding neck lames, the uppermost lame with a prominent turned and roped edge. A semi-circular reinforce ... >>more

Condition: II/II-

Limit: 13500 EURO Zuschlag 49000 EURO

Lot Nr. 3486
A Bernese pavise, Switzerland, circa 1400

Oval, one-piece wooden standing shield with a massive arch. Both sides fully covered with fine pigskin affixed with bone glue. The obverse with f ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 10000 EURO Zuschlag 39500 EURO

Lot Nr. 3540
A miniature armour for man and horse, Victorian in the late 15th century style

Comprising a knightly figure armoured cap-a-pie, with sallet of two piece construction, bevor of two plates, breast plate correctly formed of upp ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 18000 EURO Zuschlag 21000 EURO

Lot Nr. 3694
A German knightly sword, circa 1100

Double-edged blade with shallow fullers on both sides. A symbol inlaid on one side (possibly the tree of life?), the inlays missing. Straight, qu ... >>more

Condition: III

Limit: 7000 EURO Zuschlag 14500 EURO

Lot Nr. 3490
A German bascinet, circa 1370

One-piece skull tapering to a flattened spike, with semicircular face opening. The rim with continuous lining holes underneath angular fastening ... >>more

Condition: III-

Limit: 12000 EURO Zuschlag 12000 EURO

Lot Nr. 3698
A thrusting sword, Passau, circa 1510/20

Slender thrusting blade of sturdy, flattened diamond section blending into flattened hexagonal section in the upper quarter. Edges slightly jagge ... >>more

Condition: II-

Limit: 6500 EURO Zuschlag 10500 EURO

Lot Nr. 3884
A German hunting target crossbow, circa 1600

Sturdy iron prod with braided hemp string and remnants of the original tassels. Retained by cords with an interlaced iron suspension ring. Slight ... >>more

Condition: II-III

Limit: 5000 EURO Zuschlag 10500 EURO

Lot Nr. 3692
A North European Viking sword, 10th century

Double-edged blade with flat fullers on both sides. One side with remnants of inscription inlaid in iron. Short, curved quillons, slender tapered ... >>more

Condition: III-IV

Limit: 5000 EURO Zuschlag 10000 EURO

Lot Nr. 3493
A German close helmet, presumably Saxony, circa 1580

Two-piece skull, the flat comb with one hole. The nape with two holes for the missing plume socket, continuous lining rivets with brass-capped he ... >>more

Condition: II

Limit: 6500 EURO Zuschlag 9500 EURO

Lot Nr. 3505
A cuirassier close helmet, Hannover, circa 1620

Rounded skull formed in two pieces and joined along the crest of a high medial comb, visor, bevor and lower bevor attached by common pivots, the ... >>more

Condition: II-III

Limit: 8000 EURO Zuschlag 8500 EURO