63rd Auction Online Catalogues
  Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Lot Nr. 2357
An order Pour le Mérite
order cross from the late 18th century
Made from gold with blue enamel, the inscription made of smooth gold foil with black shading, the pearls of ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 30000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2358
A Prussian Red-Eagle-Order 2nd Class
circa 1890
Fourth, gold fabrication, white enamel, the brick-red eagle in a medallion on the front side finely painted in enamel, two tiny hairlin ... >>more

Condition: I-
Limit: 1500 EURO sold

Lot Nr. 2359
A Prussian Crown's Order 2nd Class
circa 1890
Gold fabrication, white enamel, the lower cross arm with a carved mark "W" of jeweller to the court Wagner & Sohn, in best condition. T ... >>more

Condition: I
Limit: 1000 EURO Zuschlag 1000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2360
Iron Cross 2nd Class of 1813
Prussia, Wars of Liberation 1813 - 1815
Multi-piece fabrication from an early production series. Flat, stepped iron centre with silver border, the ... >>more

Condition: I-II
Limit: 1000 EURO Zuschlag 2700 EURO

Lot Nr. 2361
An Iron Cross 1870
1st Class
Convex edition with blackened iron core in a silver frame. No hallmark on the reverse side, variant pin system with a long vertical wire ... >>more

Condition: II+
Limit: 2150 EURO

Lot Nr. 2362
A small silver box
with the core of the Iron Cross and a dedication 1870/71
The lid is engraved with a coat of arms (von Hanstein). ... >>more

Condition: I-II
Limit: 1000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2363
An aerial observer's badge
Prussia, Juncker Type,
Berlin Badge hollow soldered with enameled appliques, the reverse with two central pins to secure the wreath. Silver attach ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 650 EURO Zuschlag 1050 EURO

Lot Nr. 2364
A pilot's commemorative badge
instituted 27 January 1914 by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia.
Silver badge hollow-backed with vertical needle attachment. The front with a falcon fl ... >>more

Condition: II+
Limit: 850 EURO Zuschlag 1200 EURO
Position: 1 to 8 of: 8