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  Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Lot Nr. 2105
A Greenlandic narwhal tusk
circa 1920
Impressive tusk with beautifully grown, helical structure. Strong tip, the surface slightly rough in some parts with bright patina. Len ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 4500 EURO Zuschlag 9500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2106
A Greenland narwhal tusk
end of the 20th century
A massive tusk with beautifully grown spiral structure. Point broken off, small cracks in places. Rich, dark patina on the ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 4200 EURO Zuschlag 5900 EURO

Lot Nr. 2107
An Indonesian/Pacific sawfish sword (rostrum)
beginning of the 20th century
Unusually long sawfish snout from the Pristidae family retaining nearly all of its long teeth (only a few are missin ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 1800 EURO Zuschlag 2200 EURO

Lot Nr. 2108
A Flemish armillary sphere with ecliptic ring
18th century
All-metal construction made from brass with dark age patina. Sphere with continuous horizontal bands at the equator and the tropics a ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 12000 EURO Zuschlag 12000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2109
A Southern German tree coral
19th Century
A beautifully grown richly branching double stems of red coral. Mounted on a partially gilt silver shell-shaped bowl. The base of the ... >>more

Condition: II+
Limit: 2200 EURO Zuschlag 2600 EURO

Lot Nr. 2110
A German ivory folding sundial
Nuremberg, Leonhard Miller, 1617
Of rectangular form with finely engraved and chased decoration. Folding lid with wire hinges and attached plumb b ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 4500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2111
A German equatorial sundial
Augsburg, J. G. Vogler ca. 1750/60
Octagonal sundial of fire gilt brass with finely engraved scales and tendril decoration. Silver plated compass, ... >>more

Condition: II+
Limit: 2800 EURO

Lot Nr. 2112
A German or French graphometre
mid-18th century
Brass with finely engraved decoration and scale. Semicircular, pierced plate with engraved tendril decoration and angle scale fro ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 1500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2113
A Southern German decorative calligraphic plate
dated 1664
A rectangular plate of beige Solnhofer slate with artistically etched decoration on both sides. One side with elaborately decorative in ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 6000 EURO

Lot Nr. 2114
A German(?) memento mori skull
19th century
Of partially hollowed ivory with fine details, with openwork jugalbones, eye sockets and nasal cavity. Height 5.5 cm. ... >>more

Condition: II+
Limit: 1000 EURO Zuschlag 1700 EURO

Lot Nr. 2115
A German skeleton prepared for pathological or anatomical studies
19th Century
Elaborately prepared, complete skeleton of a newborn with severe deformation of the spinal column. Clearly marked open spine (spina b ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 3200 EURO sold

Lot Nr. 2116
A skull of an Egyptian mummy of a child
third Intermediate Period, ca. 1000 BC
The prepared head of a child retaining reddish-brown hair in places. At the back of the skull, there are st ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 5500 EURO Zuschlag 6400 EURO

Lot Nr. 2117
A shrunken head
20th Century
Half-length dark brown to reddish hair on the head and a slightly receding hairline. Heavy, reddish beard, somewhat bleached on the e ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 2500 EURO Zuschlag 4200 EURO

Lot Nr. 2118
A German high gothic knight's battle
circa 1250
Fine openwork and engraved fitting for a casket or a book made from greenish, patinated bronze. Rectangular frame with the depiction of ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 6500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2119
A Nuremberg casket with etched decoration
circa 1580
Rectangular body made from sheet iron on four ball feet. Hinged lid with movable carrying handle. Finely etched decorations on all side ... >>more

Condition: II-III
Limit: 1500 EURO Zuschlag 1700 EURO

Lot Nr. 2120
A miniature casket by Michel Mann
Nuremberg, around 1610
Rectangular fire-gilded brass body on four spherical feet. Hinged lid with a moveable carrying handle. Mechanism with a dom ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 6500 EURO Zuschlag 6500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2121
A German iron strongbox
17th century
Rectangular casket in the shape of a war chest with riveted strap reinforcements and decorative rosettes. Hinged lid with a slightly ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 1500 EURO Zuschlag 1600 EURO

Lot Nr. 2122
A German war chest
end of the 17th century
Rectangular sheet iron body set with riveted brass bands. There is a false lock on the front with an embossed decorative c ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 2000 EURO Zuschlag 3800 EURO

Lot Nr. 2123
A miniature Southern German war chest
1st half of the 18th century
Rectangular sheet iron casket with strop fittings. The hinged lid has a central key hole with a flower-shaped cover. ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 2900 EURO Zuschlag 2900 EURO

Lot Nr. 2124
A French war chest with a cambered lid
Half of the 18th century
A rectangular sheet iron chest reinforced with bands, on four ball feet. Cambered, hinged lid. Lock on front with ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 2000 EURO Zuschlag 2000 EURO
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