63rd Auction Online Catalogues
  Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Selection of Collectibles


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Lot Nr. 2457
A Southern German sabre for a cavalry officer
around 1820
Early Damascus blade with fullers on either side. The lower third is double edged and widens into a Pandour point. There are weapon tr ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 2500 EURO sold

Lot Nr. 2458
A Southern German cavalry sabre
around 1820
A single-edged blade with fullers, weapons trophies etched on both sides, and remnants of gilding. Gilded brass lion head hilt with kn ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 1500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2459
A German courtly hunting hanger
first half of the 19th century.
Straight single-edged blade, etched on both sides, blued and gilt, on the obverse side coat of arms underneath a pr ... >>more

Condition: II-
Limit: 2800 EURO

Lot Nr. 2460
Legacy of the Count von Spee family
finely painted miniatures circa 1800 and medals in frames
A fine miniature painting of Franz Ambrosius Count von Spee (1730 - 1791) with his wife ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 1200 EURO Zuschlag 1450 EURO

Lot Nr. 2461
A German neo-Gothic church goblet
mid-19th century
Silver, gilt on the inside, remnants of the gilding have been preserved on the outside, patinated, rubbed. The bowl with superimp ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 1400 EURO

Lot Nr. 2462
Anton Büschelberger (1869 - 1934)
a statue of an eagle
Cast bronze, dark green patina (slightly rubbed). The figure of an eagle, portrayed in great detail, with wide-spread wings s ... >>more

Condition: I-
Limit: 1500 EURO Zuschlag 1500 EURO

Lot Nr. 2463
Johannes Kaempf
a presentation cup to the President of the Reichstag 1917
Porcelain, painted in colour, glazed, and gilt. The blue scepter mark, "KPM" beneath a r ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 1000 EURO
Position: 1 to 7 of: 7